Autistic Hispanic Prisoner! Freedomain Call In

My name is [x], I am a 24-year-old man living with my mom against my will. I had mentioned why I’m calling in a super chat on one of your AskMeAnything streams. I have been a ward of the state via an adult guardianship since I was 18. As a result, all attempts to go to college, learn a trade, leave the state, start a business, or join spec ops have been quashed. I have a hearing coming up soon to terminate the guardianship, but I will be starting my life from scratch. I know that this is good overall, but 6 years of my life have been stolen from me. Time is the only resource you can never get back. And, at 24, I might be too old to ever join US Special Forces. I need someone who is not emotionally involved to help get my head straight. My question to you, Stefan, is: is it too late to start my life?

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