Been Here Before | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Don’t surrender in the middle of the struggle.

In “Been Here Before,” Pastor Steven Furtick encourages us to hold fast to hope because God is with us in whatever we’re facing — and that’s a promise we can count on.

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0:00 – We Have A Promise From God
1:57 – A Study Of Deuteronomy 8 & 9
6:54 – Been Here Before
9:23 – Have You Forgotten God’s Faithfulness?
13:34 – God Didn’t Promise That
16:26 – Why You Don’t Possess Peace
20:37 – The Word Of God Is Not A Pill To Pop
22:41 – Coming Out Of The Wilderness
26:57 – Don’t Become Passive Waiting For The Promise
29:22 – Sifted In The Wilderness
31:53 – “I Didn’t Get What I Wanted From God”
35:51 – Here’s The Message
39:08 – Why Did They Say That?!
42:15 – What Stops Us From Overcoming
44:40 – You Don’t Have To Surrender To Your Struggle
48:18 – Uh, God!
51:07 – God Goes Before You
54:02 – You Decide If You Move Forward
57:29 – A Prayer For Those In The Wilderness

Scripture References:
Deuteronomy 8, verses 15-20
Deuteronomy 9, verses 1-5
Philippians 4, verses 6-9
Romans 8, verse 31

Been Here Before | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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