Brian Kernighan: UNIX, C, AWK, AMPL, and Go Programming | Lex Fridman Podcast #109

Brian Kernighan is a professor of computer science at Princeton University. He co-authored the C Programming Language with Dennis Ritchie (creator of C) and has written a lot of books on programming, computers, and life including the Practice of Programming, the Go Programming Language, his latest UNIX: A History and a Memoir. He co-created AWK, the text processing language used by Linux folks like myself. He co-designed AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for large-scale optimization.

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0:00 – Introduction
4:24 – UNIX early days
22:09 – Unix philosophy
31:54 – Is programming art or science?
35:18 – AWK
42:03 – Programming setup
46:39 – History of programming languages
52:48 – C programming language
58:44 – Go language
1:01:57 – Learning new programming languages
1:04:57 – Javascript
1:08:16 – Variety of programming languages
1:10:30 – AMPL
1:18:01 – Graph theory
1:22:20 – AI in 1964
1:27:50 – Future of AI
1:29:47 – Moore’s law
1:32:54 – Computers in our world
1:40:37 – Life

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