Herc, you talk way too negatively about Prison – Prison Talk 15.8

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Yo Herc! Old time fan here

Just wanted to point out to you the fact that you talk way too negatively about prison. Prison doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad thing. I advise you to look at your stint in prison as a good experience, rather than as a bad experience, because, if you somehow had managed to rob that bank you attempted to, you would have probably continued wild, crime ridden lifestyle you once led. Maybe, if you didn’t get busted in 1999, maybe you would have killed someone in the outside world in 2003, and caught a life sentence? Or maybe you yourself would have been killed? Also, without your prison time, today we wouldn’t have Fresh Out. So, l would argue that the fact that you spent 8 years of your life in Feds actually helped you in staying alive and/or free today. Don’t reminiscent about prison as a bad thing because that experience made you the person you are today. Maybe if you stop seeing prison as a bad experience, maybe your nightmares about it will cease.
Anyways, excuse my long ass e-mail and my grammar, English isn’t my mother language so l may have made a couple of grammatical errors in this letter to you.
Keep up the amazing work you’re doing.

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