Illegal Immigration in 303 Seconds

Illegal immigration is controversial. But as you know, this isn’t surprising. Since the very beginning, immigration has been a contested issue in the U.S. That fact is however, that we are a nation of immigrants. And immigrants today, whether legal or illegal, whether you like them or not, provide our country with much more than just those jobs that some of you think they took away.

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The stories of several DACA recipients:

12 million undocumented immigrants, 1 million DACA recipients:

4 million children born by undocumented immigrants:

Denunciation of Muslim immigrants:

Why immigrants come to the U.S.:

Americans say immigrants destroy American jobs:

Undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than the cost of services they use:

Why undocumented immigrants pay taxes:

U.S. economy would slow without undocumented immigrants:

Less undocumented immigrants commit crimes than Americans do:

Sanctuary cities are not more dangerous than non-sanctuary cities:

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