LLUC | 01-07-2022 Church At Worship Replay

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Announcements
4:04 Prelude
7:16 Pastoral Welcome
9:20 Hymn of Praise
12:41 Prayer
15:05 Prayer Response
15:29 Tithes and Offerings
17:51 Offertory
21:39 Musical Praise
27:36 Homily
43:10 Musical Meditations
1:07:37 Scripture Reading
1:08:17 Prayer
1:09:26 Hymn of Commitment/Distribution of Emblems
1:09:29 Hymn of Hope
1:21:52 Sending
1:22:16 Postlude
1:24:55 Credits
1:26:07 Congrats with Dan

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