Paid Membership Breakdown


What are Paid Memberships?
Youtube has recently unveiled channel memberships as the new name for sponsorships. For a recurring donation of $4.99 a month, Members not only support the creation of top tier content, but will gain access to exclusive members-only badges, be permitted to post in the Members only Community tab and receive tons of Creator perks offered by Fresh Out. Click the JOIN button to become a member and gain instant access to all of the exclusive perks!”

Do I have to pay to watch the channel?
You can still watch Prison Talk and Fresh Out Interviews without having a Paid Membership. We strive to bring you top of the line content and these memberships will help ensure that we do. Thank you for your support!

Member Perks
1. Exclusive First Look to
all Upcoming SPREADS
you will be the first to see NEW Episodes of Spreads.

2. Get your Name in the Credits!
By becoming a member you are helping us create better content. As a thank you we will put your name in the Credits of the Fresh Out Interviews.

3. Gain Access to Behind the Scenes Footage.
Exclusive access to archived footage never before seen on the channel and learn how your donations directly support the creation of videos.

4. Bi-Annual Commissary package.
Twice a year we will send you a Care Package from our Commissary. We will send you an Apparel Care Package after your first 6 month and a Spreads Care Package with a recipe after the second 6 months.

5. Receive 10% OFF the Commissary while you are an active member.
Get an exclusive members only 10% discount code for the Fresh Out Commissary at

As a BONUS, Member’s receive Custom Badges!
As a paid member you will get a Badge that upgrades the longer you stay with us.

New: FISH | 1 Month: HUSTLER | 2 Months: CHEEKBUSTER |
6 Months: OG | 1 Year: WIGSPLITTER | 2 Years: SHOTCALLER

We will donate 5% to Non-Profits.
YouTube takes 30% of the $4.99, we get $3.49, 5% of this amount will be donated. We will pick a new non-profit every quarter.

Click this link to join or hit the join button below the video

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