Taking the easy way out – Prison Stories 1.15

Prison Stories is a series we came up with to illustrate what can potentially happen while incarcerated. We instructed to interviewee to use as much detail as possible so the the picture can be clear as day in the viewers mind. PRISON IS NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO BE. Anything can happen between the time you enter and the time you leave. Your release date isn’t guaranteed. So listen to these stories and use their experiences and wisdom to guide you down a different path.

Hope is a powerful thing, that once lost can transform a person into something unrecognizable to their former self. Some feel that the only option is to take themselves out of the game. Prison has a way of making this option appealing. Check out Young Dirt’s experience with this and if you feel like this is an option for you, GET HELP! You only get one life. Don’t waste it.

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