The Three Absolute Worst Words a Man Can Hear! Freedomain Call In

“I have watched your content on YouTube pretty intensely from time to time, it have helped me in some way so answer those internal questions that pop up in your head now and then.

“Unfortunately it’s seems literally impossible for me to manage to straighten up my relationship with the woman that in my eyes, are “the one and only”. Our relationship began three years ago with a pretty rough start, which made an impact on the doubtless trust I felt for her, that was a big part in what made my feeling grow so strongly in the first place. The following three years has been rather unstable, plans of engagement one day and breakups the day after, a continuous cycle of makeups and breakups, which are equally heartbreaking every time, and for each time makes the belief of a secure and loving relationship more and more out of reach.

“So I would wholeheartedly appreciate some guidance to how I can repair the damage that’s been done and spend my life in harmony with the love of my life…”

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