Would you kill your mom for an inheritance? – Prison Talk Live Stream E142

An aspiring rapper sought fame and fortune. So he had a hit man kill his mom to inherit her savings, prosecutors say.

Eight months after his mother was shot to death, Qaw’mane Wilson rolled up to a Chase bank in Chicago in his Ford Mustang.

Wearing a leopard-print jacket, the aspiring rapper known as “Young QC” sauntered out of the car, customized with gull-wing doors, and explained to the video camera that he was about to withdraw thousands of dollars from his bank account. It was “for the fans,” he said. And soon, in the video, he was throwing wads of cash into the air, to dozens of screaming people.

“[I don’t know] who he is, but he walked us around the mall and gave us money,” one alleged fan wrote on Twitter in 2013, in a post archived by DNAinfo Chicago.

That was just one of the many ways Wilson spent the $90,000 he inherited from his mother after her murder, according to Cook County prosecutors. He photographed himself with stacks of bills at a Burberry store, at a massage parlor, at home on the carpet, seeming to revel in his newfound wealth.

And he was all too eager to spend the money, prosecutors say, because killing his mom was all his idea.

On Friday, the 30-year-old was sentenced to 99 years in prison after authorities uncovered his plot to hire a hit man to murder his mom, Yolanda Holmes, in 2012 so he could inherit her wealth — all of which was carried out, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The hit man, Eugene Spencer, was sentenced to 100 years. Both he and Wilson were convicted of first-degree murder last March. A getaway driver, Loriana Johnson, was previously sentenced to 14 years for her role, prison records show.

“The word is ‘matricide,’ meaning murder of one’s own mother,” Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks said from the bench on Friday, the Sun-Times reported. “Whatever he wanted, his mother gave to him. A car. A job. One could say he was spoiled. She gave Qaw’mane life, and it was his choice to take it way from her.”
Website: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/02/03/rapper-hitman-mother/
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